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December 2023
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Domini Kemp is without doubt one of the most influential leaders of the Irish food industry. As the head of the itsa group she drives one of the most innovative companies in the industry today. She speaks candidly about everything from horse riding to Michelin Star dining to bagels and everything in between.

"It was a bit of a circus...I had never worked in a Michelin star restaurant so from a front of house perspective I was very much landed in the deep end."

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Trevor O'Shea is the founder of Bodytonic music and proprietor of a number of awesome venues like the Bernard Shaw, MVP and Wigwam. He also runs a number of events like the big grill and the best yard and in his spare time can be found running canals with Colin.

"The last thing I wanted to be was some sort of Steve Rubell type character and be in nightclubs in my fifties still thinking I was in my twenties"

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Karl Purdy is the Proprietor of the always excellent Coffee Angel and undoubtedly one of the founding fathers of specialty coffee in Ireland. What most people don't realise though is that he has a very interesting and hard-earned road to success behind him and it was an absolute pleasure to hear him tell it.

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Tom Gleeson opened Bunsen in 2013 with the aim of serving simple, excellent burgers and he’s done just that. They’ve recently opened their third location and are hoping for further expansion in the coming years. Tom joined me for a chat and a laugh which is something that Mr. Gleeson is well known for.

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I spoke to two stalwarts of the Galway food scene, Enda McEvoy and Jessica Murphy about how they do what they do.

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I visited to Galway to have a catch up with oyster shucking champion Michael Moran.

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News of the Curd's Kevin Powell and Niall Harbison of Lovin' Dublin are two of Dublin City's most active food lovers and in this episode they discuss their hopes and predictions for the future of food in Ireland. Discussing everything from agriculture to restaurants and everything in between, the guys paint what they see as a huge opportunity for Ireland as a food destination.

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Colin speaks to Michelle Darmody of Cake Cafe about her career in the industry and what drove her to create one of the country's most iconic food destinations.

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Featuring Seaneen Sullivan of L. Mulligan Grocer and "The Restaurant Doctor" Patrick O’Reilly, this episode focuses on the ups and downs involved in running a restaurant and how to keep them going. Patrick and Seaneen have a wealth of experience in the industry and speak candidly about their careers in the restaurant game.

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